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5 Sep 2017

The world is rapidly changing right in front of our eyes every day. Every action affects the planet in some way or the other. With the swiftly changing world, we require an immediate change in the current definition of the word ‘development’. Development now doesn’t only mean mounting larger than life infrastructures but also minimizing the damage that these mammoth projects will have on planet earth. In fewer words, construction with care.


For the economic development of a country, infrastructure is a must. But we often neglect the environmental aspects of our actions; blinded by a continuous frenzy of building colossal pieces of construction. And irreparable environmental losses limit the prospect of future economic growth. And that’s when GE3S comes into the picture.


GE3S is a consultancy and advisory organization which guides its clients through the entire

process, starting from planning to demolition, and helps them in constructing with sustainability, resulting in efficiently utilizing the limited amount of resources available with the least possible level of damage caused to the planet.


Estidamaconsultancy is one of the services that GE3S provides. A project needs to achieve a specific Pearl rating, which acts as a framework for creating designs, operations and constructions which provide sustainability, just like the word ‘Estidama’ translates to in the Arabic language; and GE3S guides the companies to achieve such credits to earn the highest Pearl ratings.


GE3S also help their clients in the field of Green Building consultancy, providing solutions for structures and processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle. GE3S guides other firms from beginning to end, helping them in using the resources with utmost efficiency.


In a world with limited resources, utilizing them efficiently is extremely essential, and for that matter, GE3S provides its clients with Sustainability consultancy, advising them with better alternatives, both for them and the environment.


Change is inevitable. With the drastically changing world around us, we need to take care of our only home; planet earth. So, now more than ever, sustainable development in all the sectors of the society is an urgency. With the limited resources and never ending demands of the human population, we need to find a way to utilize the best from what we have, and that’s exactly what GE3S does; making the world a better place to live in.



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